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Resources for Quickly Adapting Your Com Courses to the Online Space

3/12/20--Coronavirus has caused many colleges and universities to place their courses online in an attempt to keep our communities safe while maintaining normalcy and rigor within the academic space. This site exists to help public speaking, speech, and communication instructors quickly adapt content and purpose from their classes to their learning management systems (LMS). 

Online learning is about student engagement with material curated and guided by their instructors. If you've never created online learning spaces for your students, it is important to remember the purpose with your exercises, what student learning objectives are, and the modalities you will use to achieve those things. Controversy still swirls about the efficacy of public speaking courses placed online. This site exists not to abet that debate, but to help our community in the wake of a situation where everyone wants the best for all involved. Upon setting this up quickly, I will start with resources to help my own team get going for the first week after spring break. I want other instructors to use this site a much as they can to help students. 




My name is Dr. Chris Gurrie and I direct the Communication and Speech Studies area at The University of Tampa. Please Email me with ideas or if you would like help. My goal with this site is to quickly help our colleagues create meaningful learning experiences in the online space. Find out more about me HERE. 

Please cite this web resource in your online materials so others may find their way to its origins. 

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